annuity earnings
annuity earnings

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The Annuity Earnings concept was founded many years ago by our founder Carlos Dias Jr., but was finally completed in 2022. During that time, he noticed the lack of knowledge as well as the myriad of myths and misconceptions with clients and professionals.

After many years of testing this concept with accountants, attorneys, and other professionals, it is now available to the general public.

With any type of annuity, it is usually sold through a captive insurance company, broker-dealer, or independent agency. However, none of the aforementioned means there is any sort of fiduciary standard to the client.

As it’s pertinent to understand the annuity products themselves, it’s also imperative to know the compensation paid and how it will affect the overall buying experience. Through Carlos and our insurance agency, we’re currently licensed in several states and are increasing our reach every day.

Consumer complaints with annuities are often due to lack of transparency and customer service. We solve those problems for you.

Two Types of Advisors

"Old School" Product Sales vs Annuity Earnings Approach

"Old School" Product Sales

Annuity Earnings Approach


Annuity Earnings

Purchasing an annuity all depends on who you get it from. Many financial advisors and insurance agents are either captive agents or are affiliated with a broker-dealer.

Working With You

Our Promise
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Unbiased Approach

Since we’re not captive or have loyalty to any particular company, our methodology is holistic.

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Full Transparency

A form with the amount paid in commissions with each annuity will be provided.

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No Sales Pressure

If at any time you think we’re no longer a fit, don’t stress and simply let us know.

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Full Support

We’re here to make sure you have assistance before and after purchasing your annuity.

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Making sure you understand how each annuity works and their place in your portfolio.

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Need help finding the right annuity?

We have over 100 retirement annuities in our review database.